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HD Tune Pro Crack is a professional utility tool to measure the Hard Disks performance and scan different errors on it. It utilizes the Smart technology features to monitor the health and several other issues for secure workings. It works on the benchmarks, burst speed, and temperatures for the SSD and HDD. Users can check the complete detail of the information for the hardware drives in a professional way.

Moreover, it helps to erase the disk data so no one can retrieve it with any possible tool. With the flexible and interesting options, you can employ this app for personal usage as well. It has the function of performing for both external and internal drivers such as memory cards, USBs, SDDs, and others.

The application has control over the AAM also known as acoustic management and Advance power management from the hard disk. You can enable or disable these features to reduce noise levels and power consumption issues. Collect the information from the Disk drive and copy it to the clipboard or take a screenshot for the future. HD Tune Pro Serial key has a very straightforward display to show the results for disk temperature, hard disk sentinel and other parameters. Moreover, you can check the cache memory and other performance measurement tears as well. Hence, all this information is vital for IT professionals to contrast or resemble several Disks and write reviews about them.

The temperatures of the other components such as RAM, ROM, and CPU are crucial to determine the PC’s performance. Hence the app will give you caution if the fan is not working or there are other temperature issues to resolve at the time. The laptops with high-performance built-in graphic cards require temperature control systems to work properly. Because they release a lot of heat energy that can damage the other components of the system. So, an additional fan is there to control the heat on the motherboard.

HD Tune Pro Full Version Activated is an interest-snatch performance is the energy to slice back the noise of the hard drive. It will show caution to reduce the heat level by showing the temperature on the display. Some additional perks include the secure erasing of the data from any disk for safety measures. If you are an organization and have some sensitive information on the DISK that is at risk. So before disposing of your hardware, you can erase the data on the disk so no recovery tool can get it back.

Key Features

Data Transfer Rate

The transfer rate is the actual pace of the hard drive to transfer different data from one medium to another. If you are copying some files into the disk then it will show speed in MBs. However to check and validate the actual speed limit of the drive the program helps you with the best results.

Error Scanning

Errors Scanning is a must for any HD because the private data is at risk without these checks. Your hard disk can start malfunctioning at any time so it’s better to check the small errors in the Disk. For that, the app can perform a scan and check for internal errors in the device.


PC health is a crucial feature for professionals to save it from disaster. Thus, the app will utilize the SMART technology to find the health issues with the hardware such as temperature and timings. It can also detect the power cycles and show the results that the drive is in good or bad condition.

Power Off

The power of the mechanism works in a two-way system that will shut down the drive if it is not working. It is also known as a standby feature that works with the DISK when it is in the ideal condition and does not have any load. So it increases the health and life of the HD as well.


Benchmarking is a special kind of test to check the limits of a hardware component or to compare it with other brands. In such a case the app will run multiple tests to testify the access time, burst rate, and writing speed of the DISK to provide genuine results. Here you can use these results to make decisions about the HD models and different brands.

New Features

  • JMicron NVME with USB bridge Support.
  • Fixing the issues for the windows size and others.
  • The temperature cautions are shown on the warnings now.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System:  Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7.
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended).
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more.

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HD Tune Pro Crack With Keygen is a unique tool that provides extensive detail and information about hard disks on the system. It shows the results in detail for changing or modifying these disks or making decisions. There are several tests that it can perform for detailed output and performance management. The health risk with the PC is relevant to the fan speed and PC temperature. So, you can use the gadgets on the screen to monitor these issues as well. Moreover, users can check for errors and malfunctions in the HD as well.

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