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iMazing Crack is a remarkable tool for iOS devices such as the iPad, iPhone, or iPod for transferring files to the PC and vice versa. It can manage the music, messages, and documents to transfer from one place to another. The program has the backup options to completely store the data of the iPhone on a hard drive. Now there is no need to work on iTunes or similar platforms to manage the files for such a phone. digidna iMazing Crack will perform similar tasks relevant to iTunes with custom options. Users can manipulate the data and different applications that they use on their phones. Copy the music on the computer without the synchronization for iTunes. It will allow you to capture your moments on the phone in the form of images and save them on the computer as well. 

For the bookmarks, history, and reading list on the safari people can use this tool to export them without iCloud. iMazing License Key take the backup of these lists and extract the browsing history for the mobile from backup options. Now easily send your calendars from the iPhone to the PC with the selection of some events in CSV or Excel formats. For mobile contacts, people can utilize this similar app because it will take the backup of these contacts as well. If you like the default ringtone on the iPhone, you can transfer them to the computer. Personalize these sounds and ringtones for the mobile phone now. The profile editor option is available for the configurations of Apple profiles and other stings via MDM

With the wireless and safe backing up technology the iOS users should feel comfortable. This app will take the entire storage backup for your precious iPad and iPhone without any delay or interruption. You can integrate the mobile with the USB cable or utilize the wireless connections for the same features. No hectic jobs just use this app at your convenience to take backup for the data. The users can use this program on different platforms such as Windows or Mac with all great and enjoyable features. The speed is very fast when someone is transferring videos, audio, and other important files from one place to another. With the photo transferring features your memories are now more safe on your hard drive. You can select the important images or the complete albums to transfer them to other devices. iMazing Crack Patch supports the complete feasibility of WiFi connections for all its hot features now. 


Backup Extractor

This app can check the different backup files already available on your computer and recover them. It will trace them even if they are having any sort of restrictions on them. After that, it will extract the backup from these files on your iPhone.

Export WhatsApp

WhatsApp now exports the chat, attachments, and other stuff from a similar platform. You can print these chats and show them to court for legal queries. However, it helps you with your new phone with the whats app data integration. 

Text Messages

For the default chat applications, users can utilize this tool to save these messages on the computer. No matter which type of message application you are utilizing on iOs devices it will save the history of chats for it. 

Call Logs

The call logs are a very essential component for any person because they contain the most important contacts and information. It will work on these logs and recover the history of the class from the phone and save it as well. You can save the voice mails in the audio files and listen to them later. 

Download Apps

For downloading manual apps on the iPhone there are no other options better than this tool. You can check for all the different apps on the several platforms on the internet for the Apple class. Download them and enjoy them without paying anything to the iPhone store or other platforms. 


For music lovers, there is a chance to transfer the music albums from your gallery to the computer easily. You can select them randomly or take the complete backup of the audio for your iPad. After that people can listen to them on the PCs by playing them in the media player etc. 

New Features

  • Provision fleets and admins configure iOS devices
  • Now open progressive security options and manage restrictions.
  • Exclusive components like progressive connectivity, diagnostics, and backup solutions

System Requirements:

  • Memory : 1 GB RAM
  • OS :  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11
  • CPU : Intel Pentium 3/4
  • Storage : 1GB RAM

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iMazing Crack with Keygen is a very supportive tool for iOS devices to transfer and recover data in different ways. You can take a complete backup from the phone to save this data on the computer. Moreover transfer the files and folders such as images, photos, videos, and all other important stuff. It can work with text messages and social media apps to transfer attachments and other stuff to the PC. you can copy the contacts and call logs with the history management options and save them in the CSV files. 

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