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Software nameJustManager
DeveloperJust Manager
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Release DateJanuary 24, 2024
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JustManager 0.1.54 is a lightweight and feature-rich file manager software designed for Windows users seeking a simple yet powerful solution for efficient file organization and navigation. With its minimalist interface and robust functionality, JustManager provides users with a seamless experience for managing files and folders on their systems. This version, 0.1.54, introduces several enhancements and bug fixes, ensuring a reliable and user-friendly file management experience for both novice and advanced users alike.

Unlike bulky file managers, JustManager prioritizes speed and simplicity. It boasts a dual-pane layout, enabling users to easily navigate through directories, copy or move files between folders, and perform various file operations with utmost efficiency. Whether you are a power user handling large amounts of data or a casual user looking for a straightforward file management solution, JustManager 0.1.54 offers the tools you need for effective and hassle-free file organization on your Windows system.


1. Dual-Pane Interface

JustManager’s dual-pane interface allows users to simultaneously view and manage files in two separate panes, enhancing the efficiency of file operations such as copying, moving, and comparing files between directories.

2. Customizable Interface

Users can tailor the JustManager interface to suit their preferences with customizable themes, icon sets, and font sizes. This feature ensures a personalized and visually pleasing file management experience.

3. Tabbed Interface

JustManager supports a tabbed interface, enabling users to open multiple folders in separate tabs. This feature simplifies navigation and allows for easy switching between different directories, improving overall workflow efficiency.

4. Multi-Language Support

With support for multiple languages, JustManager caters to a global user base. Users can choose their preferred language, making the software accessible to a diverse audience.

5. Archive Support

The software provides built-in support for common archive formats, allowing users to extract or create archives directly within the file manager. This feature eliminates the need for third-party archiving tools.

6. Advanced File Operations

JustManager facilitates advanced file operations such as batch renaming, file attribute modification, and file content searching. These tools empower users to efficiently manage and organize their files with precision.

7. File Viewer and Editor

Integrated file viewer and editor capabilities allow users to quickly preview the contents of files and make simple edits without the need for external applications. This feature enhances the overall convenience of file management tasks.

8. Keyboard Shortcuts

JustManager includes a variety of keyboard shortcuts, providing users with quick access to essential functions. This feature accelerates file management tasks for users who prefer to navigate and operate the software with keyboard commands.

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

– Windows 7 or later

– 1 GHz processor

– 512 MB RAM

– 50 MB free hard disk space

Recommended Requirements:

– Windows 10

– 2 GHz dual-core processor or higher

– 1 GB RAM or more

– 100 MB free hard disk space


Q: Is JustManager 0.1.54 available as a full version?

A: Yes, JustManager 0.1.54 is a full version, providing users with access to all its features without any limitations.

Q: How can I activate or use the pre-activated version of JustManager 0.1.54?

A: Upon installation, the software may require a license key for activation. For pre-activated versions, follow the provided instructions or use any included keygens or patches to complete the activation process.

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