R&B MoldWorks for SolidWorks 2022 SP0

Software Information

Software nameR&B MoldWorks for SolidWorks
DeveloperR&B Mold & Die Design Solutions
Version2022 SP0
Size282 MB
License typeFull Crack Activated 2024
Release DateJanuary 15, 2024
Total Downloads1362

R&B MoldWorks 2022 SP0 for SolidWorks

Welcome to the advanced world of R&B MoldWorks 2022 SP0, a comprehensive software solution seamlessly integrated with SolidWorks to revolutionize your mold design process. This powerful tool is meticulously crafted for precision and efficiency, providing a full range of features tailored to meet the unique demands of mold designers. With an intuitive interface and robust capabilities, R&B MoldWorks 2022 SP0 is your key to unlocking unparalleled productivity and innovation in the realm of mold design.

Designed to enhance your SolidWorks experience, R&B MoldWorks 2022 SP0 introduces a host of features that redefine mold design workflows. From intelligent mold base assembly to automated parting surfaces, this software empowers users with unprecedented control and flexibility. Explore advanced cooling circuit design, dynamic BOM generation, and seamless collaboration with your team. Dive into the world of mold design with confidence, knowing that R&B MoldWorks 2022 SP0 is the epitome of precision and reliability, providing a feature-rich environment to bring your design concepts to life.

Key Features:

1. Intelligent Mold Base Assembly:

Effortlessly create and manage mold base assemblies with intelligent components, streamlining the design process and ensuring accuracy from the very foundation.

2. Automated Parting Surfaces:

Accelerate mold design by automating the generation of parting surfaces, reducing manual effort and minimizing the risk of errors in complex mold geometries.

3. Advanced Cooling Circuit Design:

Optimize mold cooling efficiency with sophisticated tools for designing intricate cooling circuits, ensuring uniform temperature distribution and enhancing overall mold performance.

4. Dynamic Bill of Materials (BOM) Generation:

Generate dynamic BOMs that update in real-time as design changes occur, streamlining the documentation process and facilitating accurate communication across teams.

5. Seamless Collaboration:

Facilitate collaboration with team members by leveraging features that enable efficient communication, version control, and sharing of design data within the R&B MoldWorks environment.

6. Robust Mold Design Validation:

Ensure the integrity of your mold designs through comprehensive validation tools, identifying potential issues and allowing for corrective actions before manufacturing begins.

7. Enhanced Draft Analysis:

Optimize mold release and improve part quality with advanced draft analysis tools, providing insights into potential molding challenges and enabling preemptive adjustments.

8. Intuitive User Interface:

Experience a user-friendly interface that enhances usability, reduces learning curves, and empowers designers to focus on creativity rather than navigating complex software.

System Requirements:

Operating System:

Windows 10 (64-bit)

SolidWorks Version:

SolidWorks 2022 SP0 or later


Intel or AMD multi-core processor, 2.5 GHz or faster


16 GB or more

Graphics Card:

NVIDIA Quadro or AMD Radeon with 4 GB VRAM or more

Hard Disk:

SSD with 50 GB of available space


Q: Is R&B MoldWorks 2022 SP0 available as a pre-activated full version?

A: No, R&B MoldWorks 2022 SP0 requires activation upon installation. Please follow the provided activation instructions to unlock the full range of features.

Q: Can I collaborate with team members who do not have R&B MoldWorks 2022 SP0?

A: Collaboration within the software is optimized for users with R&B MoldWorks. However, design data can be shared with non-users in common formats for viewing and feedback.

Q: How often are software updates released?

A: Updates are released periodically to address performance enhancements, bug fixes, and compatibility with the latest SolidWorks versions. Check the official website for the latest updates.

Q: Does R&B MoldWorks 2022 SP0 support 32-bit operating systems?

A: No, R&B MoldWorks 2022 SP0 is designed for 64-bit operating systems only.

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