Thermo Sientific AVIZO 2019.1

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Software nameThermo Sientific AVIZO
DeveloperThermo Fisher Scientific
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Release DateJanuary 30, 2024
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Thermo Scientific AVIZO 2019.1: Unleashing Advanced 3D Visualization and Analysis

Welcome to Thermo Scientific AVIZO 2019.1, a revolutionary software solution that sets the standard for 3D visualization and analysis in scientific research and industrial applications. This powerful tool is designed to transform complex data into insightful visualizations, offering unprecedented capabilities in understanding and interpreting intricate structures and phenomena. AVIZO 2019.1 is your gateway to a comprehensive suite of features, enabling scientists, researchers, and engineers to explore, analyze, and communicate their findings with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

AVIZO 2019.1 stands out with its intuitive user interface and a rich set of tools for 3D rendering, segmentation, and quantification. This version enhances the user experience with improved performance, expanded file format support, and advanced algorithms, making it an indispensable asset across a wide range of disciplines, including materials science, geosciences, life sciences, and more. Dive into the world of AVIZO 2019.1 and elevate your 3D data analysis to new heights, unleashing the full potential of your scientific endeavors.

Key Features:

1. Advanced 3D Rendering

AVIZO 2019.1 boasts state-of-the-art 3D rendering capabilities, allowing users to visualize complex structures with exceptional clarity and detail, facilitating a deeper understanding of their data.

2. Interactive Volume Rendering

Experience interactive volume rendering that enables real-time exploration and manipulation of volumetric datasets, providing users with a dynamic and immersive 3D visualization experience.

3. Image Segmentation and Analysis

Facilitate detailed image segmentation and quantitative analysis with AVIZO’s advanced tools, empowering users to extract valuable information from complex datasets and draw meaningful conclusions.

4. Surface Generation and Meshing

Create accurate surface representations and meshes from your 3D data, allowing for the visualization and analysis of intricate geometries in a variety of scientific and engineering applications.

5. Multi-Dataset Fusion

AVIZO 2019.1 excels in the fusion of multiple datasets, enabling users to integrate and analyze diverse data sources simultaneously, fostering a more comprehensive understanding of complex systems.

6. Collaboration and Presentation Tools

Enhance collaboration and communication with built-in tools for creating compelling presentations and interactive visualizations, facilitating the sharing of research findings with peers and stakeholders.

7. Extensive File Format Support

AVIZO 2019.1 supports a wide range of file formats, ensuring compatibility with various data sources and instruments, providing users with flexibility in working with diverse datasets.

8. Automation and Scripting

Streamline workflows and increase efficiency with AVIZO’s automation and scripting capabilities, allowing users to create custom workflows and automate repetitive tasks for increased productivity.

System Requirements:

Operating System:

Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit) or Linux (64-bit).


Multi-core processor with 2.0 GHz or faster.


16 GB RAM or higher.


OpenGL-compatible graphics card with at least 4 GB of dedicated video memory.


50 GB of available hard disk space for installation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is Thermo Scientific AVIZO 2019.1 the full version?

A: Yes, the software provided here is the full version, pre-activated for your convenience.

Q: How can I activate AVIZO 2019.1?

A: The software comes pre-activated, eliminating the need for any additional activation steps. Simply install and start utilizing the advanced 3D visualization and analysis capabilities of AVIZO 2019.1.

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