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Software nameGoldWave
Size15.3 MB
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Release DateOctober 22, 2023
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Goldwave Crack is a very versatile and impressive tool for editing audio files in many formats. People can copy the audio from the CDs and join them together in a file merger tool. They can make their sounds with some devastating effects with the evaluator tool. GoldWave apk is an interesting tool that works for new people who are interested in learning music skills. You can add the vocals to your voice by recording them in a professional environment. Sue the dedicated tools and instruments to improve the soundtracks. For commercial use, people can employ it to make podcasts, presentations, and voice notes. It has different plugins and effects that are all free to use without any limitations. It can mixes multiple sounds and creates a unique track. Use the karaoke options to remove the vocals from the background and input your voice etc. 

Goldwave Full Crack offers some real-time visual features that will let you see the music dancing. It uses spectrograms, bar graphs level meters, and waveforms to add charisma to the files. It will let you diagnose the problems with the audio during the playback and recording. Utilize the low rumble by the presence and separate the high-pitch whine to make the filtering process very easy. Goldwave License Activated can analyze the different categories of sounds such as whale songs, bird songs, human speech, and engine noises. Users can now use batch processing options to convert the files into a complete library at once. It can match the volume levels for the sounds, trim silences, boost the bass, and convert the files. The program supports the m4a, WMA, mp3, Flac, and vox formats. In addition, you can also utilize it for the iTunes store and listen to your compositions on the iPhone 


With this app, you can set the tinting for recording a file in different mining. Such as one can set the date and exact time to start recording automatically. Here people can spot or pause the recording manually or automatically as well. Goldwave Keygen has the features to detect the output signals and will work efficiently to pause the recording. People can combine the sounds for radio spots, podcasts, and their PowerPoint presentations. They can also record them for figure skating, aerobics, and dance programs. Now change the pitch of the sound and turn it into a mechanical sound for any video game. Check out the different audio effects in real time before applying them to any file. There are presets and these settings that one can import from other sources to apply. 

Karaoke and fun

Karaoke is really fun for those who are fond of listening to music. With this tool, people can easily remove the vocals from the song or form any music track. Thus it will help them to mix and record their voices to have fun with the music. They can make the sound for video games, and ringtones on the phone, etc. 


People can use their microphones to record their voices in a live environment. With that, it supports musical instrument recording options as well. So integrate the instruments and the live vocals for a studio recording environment. One can attach the USB mic to further record the speeches and reports and vocals. 

Edit audio 

Users can insert different commands such as copy, trim, cut, and replace the audio files. With this tool, they can merge, split and dice the larger audio files in no time. For the songs mixing and making the medley you just need to crossfade them together. 

Audio effects

Goldwave Full Activated app contains different audio effects that are related to the equalizer, treble, and bass. With the equalizer, you can set the volume and tones for the audio as well. Press the auto gain button to automatically adjust all settings in the backgrounds. Or try adding the reverbs, echos, and flangers to improve the sound quality. 


With this feature, users can remaster tape recordings or old vinyl for them. Here one can utilize the noise reduction options to clean up the sound and remove the buzzes. Moreover, the program can clean the audio by eliminating the hiss, clicks, and crackles by several filters. These filters can take control of the frequencies and eliminate the long silences and offsets as well. 

New Features

  • Compatibility with the Microsoft window 11
  • Available in different languages.
  • No installation requirements for the infinity version. 

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10
  • Processor: A CPU with at least 1.5 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB (4 GB or more recommended)
  • Hard Disk Space: Approximately 200 MB
  • Sound Card: A compatible sound card with WDM or ASIO drivers
  • Graphics: A video card capable of displaying 800×600 pixels or higher
  • Other: A keyboard and mouse or other pointing device

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Goldwave Crack with License key is a very professional sound editing tool to work with different voices and songs. It has the latest features to support audio recording with live instruments. You can convert the audio field into several formats after the completion of any project. Use the audio mixing options to make mainly songs for your music collection. It uses multiple effects to clear and clean the voice quality that has some background disturbances. Cut, trim, and replace the audio files and make them shorter, etc. 

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